Friday, June 29, 2012

Paint and more Paint

We started our day, by making our own puffy paint: 
1 tbsp each of  Flour and Salt
1tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp water
Food coloring

After the girls were done painting, their artwork went in the microwave for 20 seconds to make the paint puff and give it a dry scratchy texture. 

We then made some sidewalk paint by mixing water, cornstarch and food coloring. Got the idea here:

 Our last craft was  making our own rainbow glue by adding food coloring to a half empty bottle of glue. Credit goes to:

For this last craft,  I hot glued pom-poms to tiny magnets and tried to get the girls to create images on our magnetic dry erase board. Unfortunately, the girls wanted nothing to do with it. We will have to revisit this at a later date, but here is a link for some great uses for this craft:

Brooklyn Children's Museum

Had a fun day full at the Children's Museum. Lots of great opportunities for pretend play and some sensory play in the tots area. 

We've been going to this museum for a while and my favorite part of these trips is seeing how the girls gravitate to different areas in the museum as their play and cognitive skills develop. The pizza parlor was always a quick walk through. This time around we spent the most amount of time in there. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gardening with Grandma

Went to Grandma's house for pancakes and gardening. Grandma shared some delicious fruit with 'A' and showed her how fruit seeds are used for planting. She also taught 'A' about the things plants need to grow. 

'S' enjoyed getting her hands dirty and showing some love to the soil.

 Later in the day, we played with some new items I got at Amazing Savings. The Moon Sand compacts easily for molding and the clean up was not too bad.


The Moon Dough is great because it never dries out, feels foamy, and it is really easy to clean up. 

 Great tool to discuss whole/part and simple fractions

The next activity we didn't actually do yet, but will have 'A' play with it tomorrow. Using sand to write out letters:

Day 1 of homeschooling

This week we officially started homeschooling our daughters. Our months of research and planning are finally being put into practice. Here is an overview of how Day 1 went:

We began the day with morning prayers. The girls love "reading" out of their own siddurim. 'A' repeats the morning blessings after me as we act them out as best we can. Hoping to eventually make a poster with images for each blessing.

We then reviewed the Hebrew letter of the day and added it to our kitchen wall.

During breakfast, the girls played with personalized photo popsicle stick puzzles. Instructions here:

'S' lost interest quickly, so I improvised and gave her a snack cup and some packing peanuts. She loved filling and pouring until she discovered that smashing the foam was much more entertaining. 

There happened to be a thunderstorm that day which made for a perfect teachable moment. We discussed rain and the water cycle. When the sun came out, we went for a walk and took note of all the puddles we saw. We talked about what will happen to the puddles under the hot sun. We then went home to watch some you tube videos on the water cycle :

 Then it was some time for 'A' to do some independent work, while I gave 'S' some individual attention. 

'A' used these dot art templates to spell out her name:

'S' and I went to work on her motor skills.  She was busy scooping up plastic ice cubes with a spoon and placing them into an ice tray and playing with Melissa and Doug's pound and roll toy. 

Finally, nap time rolled around and the girls went to sleep super easily. This gave me some time to clean up, cook, and get ready to go to work. 

When I got home, 'A' did a counting activity with paper clips while 'S' played with play-dough. 

The counting activity doubles as a fine motor task by clipping the clips on the index card. You can also up the ante by matching the clips to the cards by color and number.

The girls then got together to fill up some bottles with little building blocks (beads would have been better, but I didn't have any). We compared the  sounds the two bottles made when we shook them.

 Some banging and mess making ensued:

 'A' closed her day with some Hebrew letter tracing. She then placed them in an envelope in our home made mailbox for Daddy to see when he got home.

Finally, it was bedtime. Dad read some Hebrew fairy tales to 'A' while I read rhyming books to 'S'.

Day 1 was a success. 

Sneak peak at Day 2: The day included gardening with Grandma, learning about what plants need to grow and playing with moon sand and moon dough. 

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