Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cardboard box dollhouse

Turning a cardboard box into a dollhouse is a project with endless possibilities. Admittedly, I got into type A mode and obsessed a little over this project so it became mommy's craft. Next time, I will have a box for each of us to decorate or I'll just "let go". I'll let you know how that turns out... 
First, I took an old boot box with lid and cut out windows and a door. I also added a floor in the middle and roof on top.
I then glued scrapbook paper to the walls, floors, and ceilings of each room and the roof. I painted the rest of the box with brown acrylic paint.  
 Living room- I added a sticker frame as wall art, glued silver ribbon to a match box, and to the wall to make a couch.
 Kitchen was decorated using blank note cards. The table stand was cut out of the box that held the note cards together. I will probably just glue pictures of appliances from magazines on the walls to fill in the room without taking up any more space.

 Bedroom  was decorated with scrapbook paper and empty matchbox for the bed. Headboard was cut out from plain white paper. Wall decor still needs to be added.
 Bedroom #2

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passover Crafts

If you are looking for some last minute Passover crafts, here are some ideas for you.

Take a glass vase, brush the inside with Mod Podge and shake a whole bunch of glitter into it, and voila! Let dry over night before filling with flowers and water.
Have the kids make some decorative wine glasses for the seder by using glue dots to stick on gems and glass paint to stencil on their names
Using two sheets of felt hot glued together, make an afikomen holder and decorate as desired.
Detailed instructions here.
Make a stencil out of freezer paper, iron it onto a pillow case (shiny side down), paint, and you'll have yourself an original Passover seder pillow:
 My four year old, painted this one, hence the smudge marks. The neater version of this pillow is tucked under my younger daughter's head right now and I didn't have the heart to pry it out of her crib for a decent photo.


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