Monday, July 2, 2012

Parashat Balak and Homeschool Park Day

Started the day with a quick summary of the Balak story from this week's parasha. Using some random figurines we had around the house, 'A' and I  role played the story. 

We then made a paper bag donkey to depict Balaam's donkey. Instructions here:

The discussion about Balaam and his donkey was used as a springboard for talking about transportation and how it has changed throughout history.

 I rolled out two lengths of butcher paper and outlined roads on each. The girls used toy cars rolled through paint to drive through our modern road.

They used horse and donkey figurines dipped in paint to stamp through the roads from the past.

 Our transportation lesson continued when we went outside to look for anything we could find that had wheels. The girls found cars, strollers, garbage cans, and of course our neighbors bikes:

The lesson ended with a homemade ramp and a comparison of how things move with and without wheels.

This was all done by noon. Later in the afternoon, we were off to our first park day with the NYC preschool homeschoolers at Prospect Park. I had a great time meeting other families and the girls had a blast climbing trees and running around with the other kids.

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