Monday, July 16, 2012

What about socialization?

Since we started entertaining the idea of homeschooling, the most common question we have gotten is, "What about socialization?".

Since we are only 3 weeks in to this adventure, I'll let the experts and homeschool veterans answer this question.

Here are some links to shed light on the topic:

1. To make a long story short-

2. Does school based socialization really mimic the real world?-

3.Research on the academic and social development of homeschoolers-

4. Some interesting stats on homeschooling-


  1. Ha! So funny we were just having a conversation about this TODAY.

    Glad to see you guys, as always. See you next week!


  2. Wow Robina, you are quick! Great seeing you guys as well. Looking forward to next week!

  3. I've got to occupy the last few minutes of the fast some way or other... ;)


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