Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Parashat Ekev and "I Spy"

In Parashat Ekev Moses tells the people about all the wonderful things that will happen to them if they follow G-d's laws and he also reminds them of their shortcomings during their journey in the desert.

Some take away ideas from the Parasha:

1. Discuss with your family what you are thankful to Hashem for and how do you show Him that you are thankful.  I will probably extend the conversation to what we are thankful to our parents for and how we show them our appreciation.

2. This week's Parasha lists the seven fruits of Israel. I didn't do this matching/memory game, but it is on my to do list: 

3. The incident of the spies is quickly mentioned in this Parasha, so we went on to make a bunch of spy paraphernalia:

We made a spy's looking glass with cut up paper towel rolls. Click here for instructions. 

 Homemade Binoculars. Here are some fancier ones for the more artistically inclined.

We played with ink and made fingerprints

We then went on to play "I Spy":

"I Spy" bottle filled with colored rice and little trinkets from the dollar store.

I took our really worn out book of "100 First Words" and cut out the pictures to turn it into an "I Spy" game. 
For my 20 month old, I used the actual name of the object and for my 3 year old I gave her clues. Also, a great activity when teaching kids about adjectives. 

I Spy
Lastly, make your own "I Spy" using Scholastic's interactive site.

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