Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parashat Ki Tetsei and bird nests

There are around 70 mitzvot in this week's parasha. We kept it pretty simple with just one mitzvah- shiluach haken-"when you chance upon a bird's nest...let the mother go and take only the young." Many say this is a commandment to teach compassion for the mother bird so she doesn't witness the taking of her eggs.

Here are some bird and nest activities we did:
Puffed wheat cereal mixed with melted chocolate and peanut butter. Put the mix into a muffin tin, indent center and freeze for an hour. The girls shooed away the mommy bird before eating the "eggs".
Got the idea from (great resource for Jewish crafts).

Then we made a paper plate nest with pom pom birds. Instructions Here

I plan on continuing more lessons on birds and nests with this and other books:
Enlarge Image
"In this retelling of an old English folktale featuring birds native to the U.S., Magpie patiently explains to the other birds how to build a nest. Some birds are impatient and fly off without listening to all the directions, however, and that is why, to this day, birds' nests come in all different shapes and sizes." 

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