Monday, August 27, 2012

Rosh Hashana T-shirt Decorating & More

Here are some easy t-shirt crafts:  

 Color on sandpaper with good quality crayons, turn over on shirt and iron. Voila!
Place shirt in dryer to help set the colors and wash separately the first time.

 Squeeze fabric paint all over shirt and fold in half

 We could not believe the cool pattern that appeared. Hearts, bird, hippos..oh my!

This is my 20 month old's creation. She was insistent on squeezing the paint bottle while it was pointed upwards, so she used a paintbrush instead. (Some of the neater patterning in the center is from my attempt to  show her how to squeeze downward).

In honor of Rosh Hashana, I cut out an apple and shofar from freezer paper (no substitute will do). Iron on the cut out with glossy side down. This will keep your stencil in place.

 Using sponge tip brushes and fabric paint, my 3 year old painted her shofar black with a layer of glitter paint and my 20 month old painted the red portion of the apple. I filled in her gaps and painted the green stem for her. 

 Not too shabby! 
Perfect PJ's for the late night Rosh Hashana Meal!

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