Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hebrew and English Phonics

We are spending a few minutes each day on some phonics work. Using chalk board paint, magnetic letters, and a cookie sheet (use one without a coating or bare metal from a hardware store), we created our phonics work station.  

Rust-Oleum 206540 Chalkboard Brush-On, Black, 30-Ounce
I bought this paint, but check out this super easy way to turn your favorite color paint into a chalkboard.

Magnetic Hebrew Letters Set (Over 90 Pc!) -Affordable Gift for Your Little One!

Right now we are at the phonemic awareness stage which is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds in a word. 

Photo Source

Here ares some things we did:
Match the beginning Hebrew sound. Worksheet source
learn to read Hebrew language
Photo Source
Btw, this is a Hebrew reading program I have heard good things about, but have not personally seen or used  
Circle the word that starts with... or ends with...

Matching letters in sight words (not exactly phonemic awareness work). Got these worksheets from this great resource for teacher made materials 

Working on word families by changing the first letter and practicing reading the word. Also taking turns making rhyming words.

On my to do list:
Word family eggs
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