Saturday, September 15, 2012

Parshat Nitzavim and Geography Project

So I haven't actually had time to do a parasha lesson with my girls this week, but I still wanted to post this idea for future reference.

"He will bring you together again from all the peoples where the Lord your God has scattered you. Even if your outcasts are at the ends of the world...And the Lord your God will bring you to the land that your fathers possessed" (Deutoronomy 30; 3-4)

This is a great conversation starter for what it means to live in the Diaspora and the significance of the Land of Israel.

It's also a great place to introduce a geography lesson and expand it into a lesson on Jewish culture across the globe. 
I love the idea that the Montessori method uses by incorporating geography boxes. 

Since we didn't actually do this yet, here are links to some people who have:

Click here for great visual geography lessons 

And for a Jewish spin on the topic, Click Here

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