Monday, September 10, 2012

Yom Kippur: Scales and Weights

Continuing on the theme of the High Holidays, we discussed the concept that the month of Elul is a significant time to reflect on who we are and on our actions. Many use the metaphor of a scale to help us understand that we want our good deeds to outweigh our bad ones.
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So we started our day talking about scales in general:

We weighed ourselves.

We weighed our food and watched the numbers go down as we took parts away from the fruit.

We weighed our toys using this homemade scale. Got the idea from this great site
Targeted vocab: heavier, lighter, equal, compare
Targeted Concepts: bigger doesn't mean heavier, neither does more pieces.

Then tried to piece this all together with Yom Kippur, but my girls were not feeling it. So I completed the craft myself just to share with you guys:
Used pipe cleaners to add a weight to our "nice" and "not nice" action cards.

 Will leave this hanging around so we can revisit the concept of wanting to do more "nice" actions. 


  1. great idea! I am planning on using this with my older kids. Visual reminder of good vs. bad might be good, especially since everyone has been so snippy and moody lately.


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