Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unique sukkah decorations

Sukkot (Sukkos) is a Jewish holiday of giving thanks for the harvest, as well as the commemoration of the forty years of traveling in the desert after Sinai and living in temporary dwellings. 

 Here is a look at some sukkah decorations I have been working on to donate to our shul's sukkah. 
Confession: since these will be hanging in our shul's sukkah, my perfectionist side took the better of me and I didn't let my girls help me. Hopefully, we will have some time on Sunday for them to make their own fabric hangings for our sukkah.

Much of my inspiration came from this lovely site.

I spray painted the canvas fabric with glittery gold spray paint. Makes for a really nice effect in the sunlight, but used 2 cans of spray paint on one 30in x 30 in canvas and wasn't going out to buy anymore.
Here's another one:
 And one more:

 I am not an artist, far from it. So how did I get such perfect lettering and images? By using my new best friend, the Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine

This machine is pricey, but educators do get a 20% discount and that includes homeschoolers as well. 

So with the help of my husband we figured out how to get the Cameo to work with Hebrew fonts and viola perfectly printed signs. 

I printed my text/images on freezer paper then ironed it down onto the fabric and used the stencil for painting.

I should also mention that I glued the hems down on my fabric with fabric glue- so easy and no sewing required.

I then used acrylic paint, glittery gold and silver spray paint, and wooden dowels to create the signs. 

Another great idea: Ribbon Sukkah Chains
Not sure why I haven't seen or heard of this before, but it's genius.  Your choice of colors and styles is limitless and it will last through any possible rain showers. 
I was inspired by Birkat Chaverim who posted about cutting up fabric to make sukkah chains, I then decided to go with ribbon instead since the width is already pre-cut. I used fabric glue to attach the chains.

              Lastly, here is a site with a comprehensive list of sukkah decorating ideas:  http://www.amotherinisrael.com/guest-post-easy-inspiring-sukkah-decorations/

                       Would love to hear about other people's unique 
                     Sukkah decorations. Please share in the comment    
                                            section below: 



  1. Love your signs! Can I borrow your letters to make my own? Also, fabric chains ARE genius! Decorating the sukkah has been a favorite activity of mine since I was a little girl. In our sukkah we have a multitude of decorations- some homemade, some store bought. My favorites are hand prints of my boys. Every year, I trace their hands onto poster boards and allow them to decorate it with crayons. I have hand prints from their first sukkots until today. It's beautiful to see not only how they have grown over time but how their colorings have changed as well.

  2. You can most definitely borrow my stencils. They are not individual letters, but the entire words. Come get them any time! I love the idea of watching their hand prints grow-so sweet!

  3. Hi Ilana, thanks for including a link to Malka Dubrawsky's fabric chains. You might want to request permission from Malka to post the photo as its her copyright. I know there is a wide range of interpretation to "fair use" (as a longtime member of the visual rights association and having worked in a related area in digital heritage i have seen a range of issues crop up) but its always a good idea to ask first.
    nice use of the silhouette machine.

  4. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I'll take it down. Thanks for telling me


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