Thursday, November 29, 2012

Parshat Vayishlach, Division, and Odd & Even Numbers

Some heavy concepts in this week's parasha: Yaakov preparing for what he thinks will be a war with his brother, Yaakov fighting the angel,the rape of Dinah, the death of Rachel during childbirth, and some genealogy.

We mainly focused on Yaakov's preparation for the fight with Eisav and then the surprisingly loving and peaceful meeting with Eisav.

We discussed Yaakov's tactic of dividing his camp into two groups in order to keep one group safe in case of an attack. This lead into a discussion on grouping and odd and even numbers.
We pretty much took any assortment of objects and placed them all in one group and then divided them into two groups. We assessed if the groups were equal or not. This branched into a conversation about odd and even numbers since not all of our groups could be made equal.

This is a fun book about cousins who are driven by their love for anything even or odd. 

Here is a cute little video on the topic: 

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