Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vayetzei and Classifying Rocks

My apologies, we are behind again with our parasha work. Here is an interesting extension activity to be done with Parashat Vayeitzei. Rocks seem to be a focal point in last  week's parasha. Yaakov rests his head on rocks before he  the dream of the ladder and rocks are used in the pact made between Yaakov and Laban.

So here are some preschool Earth science activities all about rocks I found on

Classifying Rocks
Photo Source

  Learning Experience

Possible Discoveries
Craft Activities

  • Go on a neighborhood walk  to collect rocks. Ask children to  search for a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. 
  • Set out your rock collection and examine the rocks. Describe their features: texture, color, size, etc
  • Sensory activity- Dump a bucket of dirt from outdoors into a box. Sift trough the dirt to pick out all the rocks.
  • Discuss fossilized rocks.
  • Submerge rocks in water and track the changes over time.
  • Try to guess by looking at the rocks, which one is the heaviest and then weigh them.
  • Paint a “Pet Rock”, 
  • Glue pebbles to decorate a card or frame. 

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