Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Preschool Crafts: Giving Thanks

Since Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and we are continuously trying to plant the seeds of gratefulness in our girls we spent the day creating Thanksgiving crafts and focusing on what we are grateful for. 

We started with this really sweet Thanksgiving hand print tree 
 Trace and cut outline of child's forearm and hand from paper bag. 
Before assembling tree, moisten the hand print tree and crinkle it up. After it dries, it will have a weathered look to resemble a tree trunk.
I used silk leaves on which we wrote what the girls are thankful for and glued it all on card stock. 
Paper plate turkey with construction paper feathers to write what we are thankful for.
Sensory Turkeys:
We filled latex gloves with rice, beads, shaving cream, and water and had the girls guess what's inside. This was a great sensory activity and the girls especially loved watching the shaving cream ooze out from a tiny hole in one of the gloves.
 Ok, so not exactly a great turkey look a like. 
 Made this cute little Mayflower using a coffee sleeve, popsicle stick and paper sail. Full directions here. I asked my daughter what she was thankful for and she said letters....

Now a little craft for me. 
I love wreaths, but have never made or owned one before.When I saw a foam wreath in the Target dollar section, I knew I had to give it a try. 
I wrapped the wreath in twine, also from a dollar store. This was time consuming but I did it while watching a movie so the time went by pretty quickly. Used straight pins to secure twine to back of wreath.  
 Decorated the wreath with silk leaves and flowers. Voila! You can have your Thanksgiving guests help personalize your wreath by writing what they are grateful for on each leaf.

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