Thursday, August 1, 2013

Phonics Fridays: Smashing Good Time

I am slowly realizing the different styles in which my girls approach the world around them. When my oldest was two she preferred to talk about and listen to books about things that interest her, while my current 2 year old would much rather get  her whole body involved by touching or jumping or breaking the things that interest her.

So when thinking about introducing her to some letters, I initially presented them in the same way I did for my older daughter. I used books and pictures. That obviously was not for her.

Pounding the letters with a hammer which led to the smashing of some Magna Tiles...totally for her!

So we built Magna-Tile cubes, placed magnetic letters on them and she smashed the structures as I called out the letters.

She then turned the activity in to an exploration of what placements of her magnetic letters would stick the best with the magnets inside the tiles. 

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