Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Math Monday: Preschool Geometry

I've mentioned loving this game before:

It's a set of magnetic shapes and 50 picture cards which targets visual thinking and fine motor skills.

But here it is again with a little change. 
The pictures that come with the set are about the same size as an index card making it a little too challenging for very young kids to work off of.

So to help my little one out, I constructed a few of the pictured items onto a piece of copy paper and then outlined the shapes. So she now has a true to size picture to work on:

I was actually really surprised and excited to see how nicely the girls engaged in cooperative play by helping each other figure out and find the pieces they needed. 

You can recreate this activity even without the Imaginets set. 
You can draw or print out pictures like the one below and have your kids glue on construction paper shapes. 
house math game
Get this template here

Pre-kinders.com has a great resource for printable pattern block animals like this one:
Pattern Block Mat

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