Sunday, August 4, 2013

Science Sunday: Homemade Marble Run

 Using bottles and paper towel rolls I took out of our recycling trash, we were able to construct this makeshift marble run. (Ignore the ugliness that is my wall).

I cut the bottoms off of plastic bottles and cut paper towel rolls in half then taped them to the wall.
Lots of trial and error work needed before we got a successful marble run. 
Kids did need to climb a chair to insert marbles.

For much older kids, you can use this activity to demonstrate a variety of concepts from physics including: 
projectile motion
gravitational force
kinetic energy
potential energy

Here are some other fun ways to make your own marble run:
cut open a pool noodle from Family Fun
Marble Launch


Use a cereal box and toilet paper rolls from This Momma Loves

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