Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thoughtful Thursdays: And Baby Makes 5

We are now a family of 5!

I have to say it's not as hard as I anticipated. 
Now let me clarify that statement: it actually is ALOT of work and I'm REALLY tired and the juggling is ENDLESS, but with the right perspective it's manageable.
See my post about re-framing complaining for more information. 

Its been a smoother transition to baby #3 for several reasons:
1. I am not returning to nearly as many hours of work as I was with my other kids
2. My older kids are in camp for a good portion of the day.
and I think the most important reason:
3. I am not resentful of the changes a new baby brings.

I remember with my first child I was resentful that I had to hold and nurse her so much. 
I was angry that I wasn't able to eat a meal  like a civilized human. I often ate cold food with one hand. Or if I had both hands available I worried about spilling food on the little head that peaked out of the baby carrier.
I was frustrated that I couldn't leave my house when I wanted to 
and of course all I wanted to do was SLEEP!

These feelings lessened with my second daughter and now with my son, these feelings although present at times have nearly disappeared.

I still hold and nurse him almost all day
I still eat like a caveman: I just finished eating cold sweet potato  right out of the skin--I practically slurped it out :)
I am still pretty home bound
I still don't sleep

But the difference is I have willingly accepted this new reality. 
The work is hard, but like my mother says, "Be thankful that you can do it!"

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  1. Mazal tov wishing you nachas, a gidul kal and sleep!


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