Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Phonics & Language: Children's Hebrew Media

‎יוטיוב לילדים‎
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We are always looking for more ways to incorporate Hebrew into our daily lives and have searched the internet many times coming up short. Until we realized, duh, we should be searching in Hebrew.

So we got hebrew letter stickers to put on our keyboard from Ebay for like a buck and switched our computer's language to Hebrew and tada so many more hits!!

Currently out favorite find is יוטוב לילדים ( youtube for children). Here is the link:
Its an App we downloaded and our kids can  now watch shows like Dennis the Menace in Hebrew.
Beware there are tons of ads.

Another favorite of ours is
It is a website with an extensive list of free downloadable Hebrew stories for kids.
If the link comes up in gibberish, you need to change the encoding of your browser by clicking on Tools, then Encoding, then Hebrew. That's how it works for Google, not sure about other browsers.

Lastly check out
It's an App that comes with 2 free Hebrew books for kids and then its $10.00 a month for unlimited access to their Hebrew children's books library. That's a little steep for my blood, but we are enjoying our 2 free stories for now.

I would greatly appreciate other suggestions as to where I can find more Hebrew media for my kids.


  1. thanks Ilana, I'll check those out! We enjoy
    It's little cartoon lessons on just about anything, in Hebrew. They put up a new free video every couple days.

    1. Just checked it out. Looks great. Thank you!


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