Sunday, June 30, 2013

Science Sunday: Painting With Fizzing Scented Ice

Another post inspired by Growing a Jeweled Rose
I think after today's post we will give the whole baking soda/vinegar thing a rest and move on to the human body.
But today we had fun playing with fizzing ice paint.
 First we filled ice trays halfway with baking soda.
Important note: Results would have been better if I diluted the baking powder in water first. Our ingredients didn't freeze as an even mixture and we had reduced fizzing once we added the vinegar at the end.
 Then added drops of washable tempera paint
Filled with water and mixed with toothpick.
Added spices to turn this into a sensory activity as well.
We used cinnamon, vanilla extract, zhaatar, and oregano.
 Cover with foil , stick popsicle sticks in, and freeze for a at least 4 hours

 Our pretty shapes

Smelling their scented flowers
 The girls swirled their ice pops all around the water table and them squirted with vinegar to watch their paint fizz. 
 Fizzing paint
Squirting vinegar onto the residual baking soda left in ice trays.

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