Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wild Card Wednesday: Popping good time

So if you haven't noticed, I'm trying to blog daily following a specific theme per day. So far we've got Science Sunday, Math Monday, Torah Tuesday and today is Wild Card Wednesday, where I will blog about random things that might repeat a theme or not--its WILD! Stay Tuned for what Thursday and Friday's themes will bring.

Fun with Pop Rocks inspired by Growing a Jeweled Rose:
We made a popping volcano and popping paint.

We started with some home made playdough. Seems like most recipes asked for cream of tartar, not something I had on hand. So I  followed this recipe: 
1/4 cup salt 
1 cup flour 
1/2 cup water 

Next we wrapped a cup with tin foil to shape it into a volcano and then carefully covered it with rolled out play dough.
We poured baking soda, red food coloring, and Pop Rocks into the cup and had the girls pour vinegar over it. Hear the popping in action:

We also made glow in the dark popping paint. You will need:
1. Pop Rocks added to fluorescent paint 
3. Black construction paper to paint on 
 Look at that glow!

Watch this video to hear the paint pop:

Bottom line: add Pop Rocks to anything that contains a liquid and good times will ensue.

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