Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wild Card Wednesday: DIY Light Table and Magna Tiles

Our kids love playing with the light table at our local children's museum so we tried to replicate it at home.
To make our low budget light table you will need a clear storage bin with cover. We used  the Rubbermaid 41qt storage bin with cover (about $13.00 at Target):
I then lined it with black paper to keep the light reflected in the box, although my husband just told me that white paper would have been a better choice. 
 Place any LED light  in the box. These were the ones we had used for our Winter Onederland Party.
I lined the cover with parchment paper so the light wouldn't be too bright for the girls' eyes.
 Here is the light table all ready to go.
Our Magna Tiles look pretty cool on the light box. 

By the way, Magna Tiles are AWESOME, but rather pricey. $120 on Amazon for a set of 100 pieces. I still can't get over how much we spent on this toy, but the possibilities are endless and it will easily grow with my kids for many years to come.
Great for little ones- it's a very low frustration toy. The pieces hold together well, unlike blocks and come apart easily, unlike Legos.
As kids grow, their imaginations can take them anywhere with this open ended toy.

I also played around with putting my black light in the storage bin:

The results were equally fun. The green MagnaTiles glowed the best. We made different configurations with glow sticks (don't crack them) and just for fun we put our highlighter water on the table. 
 Next time I might follow the suggestion found here to cover the table with contact paper and have kids stick glow sticks and other fluorescent items onto the contact paper for some sticky fun.

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