Sunday, October 7, 2012

Elmo Birthday Party

More Birthday Party Themes:
Elmo birthday banner was made made with construction paper, letters printed and traced onto alternating colors, ribbon, and printed Elmo pictures. Back right corner is a glass bowl of cheese whale crackers for Elmo's friend Dorothy the goldfish (Goldfish crackers aren't kosher).

Fruit platter to look like Elmo.

Here are the instructions for Elmo cake pops. Pretzel sticks were covered in red or white candy melts, rolled in red sugar, with Elmo candy face on top.

Elmo loves his ABC's

Bottom of cake is white Costco sheet cake. Elmo cake made with this cake mold which comes with instructions. FYI: If you're looking to create anything that needs a true red go with Americolor and wait a few hours after adding it to frosting to let color set. Other red food coloring comes out more pink than red.

My husband was a great sport and dressed up in this Elmo costume we got off Ebay. It was a fun surprise for our guests!

Elmo Doctor Set Centerpiece. Elmo coloring pages printed offline and made word searches with Sesame Street related words.

Elmo Airwalk Balloon was totally worth it and a hit with the kids. I made Elmo blocks by covering boxes with white computer paper and decorating with construction paper letters and borders. Elmo towels were given as prizes. 

Sesame Street Hop Scotch was borrowed from a friend.

Pin the nose on Elmo

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