Sunday, October 14, 2012

Perler Bead Fun

Perler beads definitely take me down memory lane to childhood birthday parties and lazy Sundays. 
My 3 year old  loves doing anything methodical and she loves Perler beads. 

The regular sized bead are just a tad too small for my little girl to work with so I am so happy to have found jumbo sized Perler beads and boards.
Perfect for Preschool fingers. 

Here are our finished products using the two templates that came with the set:

For 20 dollars (beads + boards), it would have been great if more templates were included. Thankfully, the people at Kool Stuff 4 Kids have a bunch of free printable Biggie Bead Templates.

Here are some really cool Perler bead ideas made by the amazing mom blogger @ Meaningful Mama.
Definitely check out her site for great craft ideas and character building activities for parents and kids alike.

Any other cool uses for Perler beads? Share below:

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