Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parshat Lech Lecha activity project and craft: Camping in Booklyn

In Parshat Lech Lecha, we read about Abraham dwelling in his tent and bringing in and caring for strangers.
We had a ton of fun role playing this dynamic in our homemade tent.
We got out our summer beach umbrella.
Draped some sheets over it and turned our beach umbrella into a cozy tent.

Once we started with the whole tent camping theme, I just ran with it. 
We made pink marshmallow and chocolate s'mores in our microwave.

Then we needed a campfire:

 So we painted paper towel rolls with brown acrylic paint, cut a slit through one roll and slid in the other roll. Slid in construction paper for the fire. Tissue paper would have done better, but we had none at hand. 

Our campsite is complete with our Ipad compass, canteen, s'mores, sleeping bag and campfire.

Lastly, in Parshat Lech Lecha Hashem promises that Abraham's children will be numerous like the stars in the sky. So we made some star arts and craft projects and brought some stars to our campsite.

Using our Dream Lites (now at Costco for 22.99) we were able to project a starry night on our tent.                        

Finished off with foam stars that we decorated with stickers and glitter glue. (I made the one in the middle)

I'd love for my readers to share photos of their lech lecha/tent/star projects, either home made or from their child's school. Please email them to me (speech12@gmail.com), and I will post them to my blog if received before Friday.


  1. Sounds like fun! I'll add your ideas to my list.

  2. That umbrella idea was a great one! This is a great tool. I hope you'll add it to Look! What We Did!, a home school website dedicated to creating great resources for mothers. -Savannah

  3. Hi Savannah!
    Thanks for the heads up. I just added my link to Look!What We Did! What a great idea.


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