Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hebrew Vocabulary Unit Lessons

Teaching our girls Hebrew is one of our highest priorities. 
Luckily, my husband and I are fairly competent in conversing in Hebrew. 
I try to set aside a time every day where I only talk in Hebrew. Unfortunately, it doesn't last too long. In order to help myself stay focused on speaking Hebrew, I have decided to think about Hebrew in Units/Categories.

Right now we are working on a unit study on clothing. So whenever anyone is getting dressed or clothing comes up in conversation/books, I talk to them about the clothing in Hebrew. 

If you don't already know about, you should definitely check it out to enrich your child's Jewish/Hebrew education. It's a free site where teachers share their own Judaica Material for all to use. 

Here is a fun activity I got from one of's contributors:
Print out the girl and clothing articles and stick on Velcro.

Make a dice with clothing articles drawn on. Make the rules however you like, but make sure to continuously name the clothing in Hebrew.

You can do the same with:
Mr. potato heads and rolling a die to learn body parts
Toy house and rolling a die to learn the names of rooms in a house

I should also mention that we have a lovely young woman come to our house once a week to talk to me and the girls in Hebrew. 

We also use our local library to find simple Hebrew books.
Mirik Snir writes simple Hebrew books for young children to enjoy.
Another book we enjoy is:

Here is a great site to visit that has hundreds of free Hebrew stories. In order to view it correctly, your browser must be set up to  read Hebrew.

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