Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teaching Kids about Hurricanes

Here on the East coast we are all preparing for the wrath brought on by Hurricane Sandy. We are praying that everyone stays indoors and safe for the next few days.

If you would like to learn a little more about what hurricanes are and help your kids understand them, here are some suggestions.

For your preschoolers check out Sesame Street's Hurricane Episode
and make your own hurricane here

You can also do some easy hurricane science experiments for kids:

1. What is a hurricane?
Many large thunderstorms coming together over ocean water and swirling like a vortex. When this vortex becomes powerful enough, it is called a hurricane. 

Make your own hurricane in a bottle by attaching two soda bottles with a washer and some duct tape:

2. The Eye of the Storm: What is the strongest and weakest part of a hurricane?

You will need a large bowl, wooden spoon, and paper clip on a string. Stir the water in bowl and then dip the paper clip attached to the string in various parts of the bowl and track the difference in its movement.

4. How does wind speeds effect water depth?

Blowing through a straw over water in a pan and see the results. Click here for further details


  1. B"H we are doing well. Thank you! The worst has yet to come. I'll keep you updated


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